Azhoor Bhagavathy - Festival



Urul is part of the festival celebrated in connection with the "Karthika Meena Bharani Mahostavam". Urul from the various part of the Azhoor Grama Panchayath reach the Temple on the morning of the Bharani Nalu.Various cultural activities are followed by the Urul. They include Bands, Theyyam, Flots etc.,


On 'Bharani Nal', in the morning women often the Ponkala Nivedyam .After the Ponkala the Priest spills holy water on the Nivedyam.The women return their home after the Ponkala receiving the blessings of the Goddess.

Kavil Gurusi

On the Fifth day of the festival at early morning 3 O' clock the "Kavil Gurusi" is performed. Kavil Gurusi means the Sacrifice of hens to the Goddess.This custom is done for pleasing the Goddess.

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