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The most important "Vazhipadu"(offering) of the devoties is the Garudan Thookkam. It is believed that when a devoties hangs on the "Villu" and encircles the temple, the merciful Goddess will put an end to all of his sorrows. The devoties with his ongoing fast has to stay in the temple for seven days and to pray the goddess. There are three type of Thookkams, "Pullaketti thookkam","Alankara Thookkam"& "Ordinary thookkam". In pullaketti thookkam children below fine are tied to the Villu and hanged by an elder devoties. In Alankara thookkam the "Villu" is decerated beautifully. The villu used for this Thookkam is made of "Anjil" wood. After the Thookkam the older devotie stays in the temple till the next morning. He usually wears a garland of "Thettipoove" . He removes this garland only after the prays in front of the lamp at early morning 4'O clock.

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